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Key Features

48 self-labeling,programmable keys

MiVoice 5340e

Wideband audio support

One-touch access to embedded applications

Hands-free speakerphone

Built-in HTML toolkit

Customization and superior usability in the next generation of IP phones

The MiVoice 5340e IP Phone delivers easy-to-use, one-touch access to many phone features and applications in an exciting next generation desktop device. The MiVoice 5340e can be customized to a specific user’s needs, or used by any general employee in the business.
A full-feature, enterprise-class applications phone, the MiVoice 5340e IP Phone provides a large backlit graphics display with 48 programmable self-labeling keys, six intuitive call state-sensitive softkeys, and superior sound quality with wideband audio.

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