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We are the IP networking experts you are looking for


We provide the best IP networking solutions and services to our customers through our commitment to service excellence. 

IP telephony systems have served as a popular choice for modern business communication services across various industries. Through internet data employement, VoIP communications and traditional telephone communications are converged into a single line per user. This scalable and flexible infrastructure enables a vast number of Unified Messaging features while simutaneously reducing operational costs. We are one of the companies that have served and successfully deployed IP PBX solution for major enterprises / regional MNC. Our range of enterprise-grade IP PBX solutions offer increased productivity at an optimized cost.

Benefits of an IP Network

With convergence of voice, fax, data, and video into a seamless IP network, a single administration tool will be used to manage the network. Through the use of a region-wide IP network, IDD and toll charges will be greatly reduced or even be free of cost. The consolidation of key hubs onto the IP network will diminish the number of trunk lines required, thus cutting telecommunication fees significantly. 

IP Network Solutions


IP Network solutions are extremely powerful and flexible. However, in the unlikely event that a controller fails, all associated devices will fall over to an alternate controller until the original controller returns to its normal operation. This is a budget-friendly option that should be considered for devices that cannot afford a lot of downtime.  

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