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Along with the popularization of internet-usage, cases of network security breaches have also been increasing, making private data and computer networks more vulnerable to intrusion from outside hackers or viruses. Papillon Technology is aware of these challenges that you may face, and our goal is to provide a range of IT security products and procedures to ensure the security of your business. 

Intrusion Prevention

We believe that your security is of primary importance. Internet intrusions have become increasingly common and it is important that you take the appropriate measures in order to prevent the loss of critical data. At papillon technologies, we offer a number of security solutions that will protect and secure data acess from hackers and viruses. 

Server and Desktop Security

Our server security solutions offer real time, automated intrusion monitoring, detction, and protection. We ensure yor network security by keeping track of events, host logs, inbound and outbound network activity on enterprise servers in order to counter any harmful activity that may be detrimental to your data assests. 

Our desktop security is also one of the most effective means to deflect viruses and hackers in order to ensure the safety of your personal information. We do this by privatising web browsing, implementing ad blocks and managing pop ups, cookies, and passwords. This will ensure that all your files, folders, drivers and personal content are under lock-down through our excellent security measures. This will also allow you to control the information that enters and exists your personal computer. 

Email and Web Content Security

Our email security solutions are an internet gateway protection that scans for web-borne malicious code attacks and viruses using advanced antivirus and content-filtering technologies. We use excellent security measures to screen web-sites for you in order to prevent spam blocking, content filtering and email scheduling, protecting HTTP/FTP traffic so that employee productivity and network performance can reach it's full potential. 

PKI and Data Encryption

PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) allows users to safely exchange data - including conducting money transactions on public networks through cryptographic key pair that works on both public and private networks through a trusted authority. PKI stores digital certificates within its directory through its identification of individuals and organizations,which can be revoked at any time. Our services will protect your corporate data from intrusion through operational security. It's effectiveness is maximized through the use of a centrallized control assignment of keys, preventing users from inspecting or amending the security concept.  

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability assessments automatically search for possible flaws or defects in the design, procedure, and the design of the existing security system. The assessment will generate a report that will identify the risks (if any) in the security control, and will suggest whether or not additional security control should be implemented in order to decrease risk levels. 

Intrusion Detection and Protection

IDP (Intrusion Detection and Protection) systems use the vulnerability assessment to identify potential threats or security breaches within both an internal and external setting through the gathering and analysing information from various areas within enterprise infrastructures. 


Firewalls help to enhance security measures from the vastness of the interweb. They protect the privacy of sensitive business communications and intelligence through the integration of anti-virus gateways and content managemen tools to provide the most advanced security solution to privacy issues. 

Single Sign-On and Authentication

By using a single identifying credential to access all computer information, it allows you to conveniently manage your information including web and application resources, without the burden of multiple login IDs and passwords. 

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