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We are the IP networking experts you are looking for



We provide the best IP networking solutions and services to our customers through our commitment to service excellence. 

As I.T. infrastructure plays an increasingly crucial role in the modern business environment, start-up and existing companies are looking for a reliable long-term technology partner that will take care of their needs so that businesses can flourish in the competitive commercial atmosphere. At Papillon Technologies, our goal is to provide you with I.T. services so that your business can make the most profit. Since 2009, we have served as a primary telecom source to numerous satisfied customers based in Hong Kong with a consistent, exceptional degree of professionalism and dedication. 

We believe that customer contentment is of primary importance, thus we provide consulting services from seasoned telecom professionals to help you achieve the most business growth. For corporate customers, we also offer a suite of IP network solutions to enhance productivity while reducing cost. As networking experts, we can integrate voice, fax, data, and video all into a single IP Network to increase efficiency and convenience, allowing you to deploy a larger collection of applications for your business to thrive. 

We are a company that will listen to you and offer valuable solutions to improve your business.



We offer a full range of services to emerging companies as well as existing businesses that are seeking the most up-to-date technologies. 


Help Desk

Onsite Support


Office Relocation

System Integration

Staff Sourcing

Maintenence Service

Data Centre Relocation

Asset Management

Technology Refreshment




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